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Richard Rosenshein Photography Has Been Televised

December 23rd, 2017

Richard Rosenshein Photography Has Been Televised

Richard Rosenshein's photography was chosen by Stephanie Ballard, who is the Principal Designer & Owner of Covet Living Interiors for a Lifetime Channel televised special called Little Women: Terra's Big House, which premiered in December of 2017.
The premise of this televised special is as follows:

Terra Jolé, the Little Women: LA star and her husband Joe Gnoffo have been saving up for years to purchase their first home, but their fixer-upper is going to require a ton of work.

So, home renovation experts Cory McCrummen and Stephanie Ballard are stepping in to help the couple transform their house into their dream home — and everything will be captured on cameras for Lifetime’s new show Little Women: Terra’s Big House,

Richard Rosenshein's photography was prominently displayed during Episode 2...during the completed renovation of the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom unveiling. Episode 2 was televised on 12/20/2017 on the Lifetime...